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Recognizing Metallic Tattoos from SKTrendz and Other Designers

Body art is a booming business with everyone and their mother, it seems, opting for tattoos to express themselves. Now, a new and more elegant form of body art is capturing people's attention, even those within the fashion industry. Temporary metallic tattoos are being worn in place of jewelry like statement rings, necklaces and they are even available as ornamental designs, such as feathers. Unless one aware that the person wearing it has on a piece of temporary body art, these tattoos are hard to distinguish from a real piece of jewelry. There are several companies making these metallic temporary tattoo jewelry pieces including brands like Flash Tattoos, Lulu DK and washable tattoos. Many of the temporary designs offer the impact of a piece of jewelry from designers like Saint Laurent or Repossi Cage without having to pay a designer price. The temporary body art can be found in designs to appease anyone's sense of style, from bohemian to traditional and everything in between. These type of tattoos range in price from $7 to $25 for one to four sheets of the tattoos, depending on the design and company from which they are bought. The metallic tattoos are safe from anyone to use because they use a non-toxic adhesive for the skin and they are made to pass international and United States regulatory standards. However, this form of temporary body art shouldn�t be applied on someone with sensitive skin, near the eyes or on those allergic to adhesives. The tattoos can last from four to six days if they are well maintained. The wearer should try to avoid applying soaps, lotions, sunscreen or oils on or around the tattoos as they can easily degrade. For people who are interested in buying the temporary jewelry tattoos, they can be ordered online at sites like Sktrendz. Some brands, such as Lulu DK, can also be bought in stores like Bloomingdale's. It is a good idea to visit the websites offering the tattoo jewelry so the designs can be previewed. Some of the available designs may not fit with some women's ifestyles, but they could be a fun to wear when going out to a club with friends. For women who love jewelry, but cannot afford to purchase gold pieces for their collection, these temporary jewelry stencils allows them to afford great looking designs, even if they only last for just a few days.